Losers club x reader

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Losers club x reader

Originally posted by kingkaspbrak. You giggled as you adjusted the angle of your camera on its stand once more. You were determined to get a picture of all of them together before high school. Get back in your place! Could you please take a picture of us with that camera? More importantly, you love us. Instead of responding, you simply smiled as the kind lady took the picture.

God, you were thankful for your friends. You thanked her and bid her a good day after she handed your camera back. The Losers looked over your shoulder to catch a glimpse of the picture as you smiled. Requested: yep! Originally posted by dumbasscorn.

ASMR IT roleplay- Richie helps you out (cussing)

You cringed once again as you heard another glass bottle shatter. You had locked yourself in your room when your dad started yelling. At first, it was at you. At you personality, at your choices… You just wanted to tell the truth. Then, when your mom started defending you, he turned it to her. You knew that part got messy. And while you wished you could help, you knew your presence would only make the entire situation worse.

Somehow, you wanted to be. You wanted to care enough about him crave his approval, his attention. You spun around and sighed in relief to see the light reflecting off of a pair of glasses. You moved to it and unlocked it quickly, opening it for the Hawaiian shirt-clad boy squatting on your windowsill. He nodded, then stood on the sill and reached a hand down to you.

You looked to his hand, then to the sun reflecting on his dark, curly hair. The sunlight streaming through the tree outside your window made his freckles even more prominent than usual.Originally posted by toziertrashmouth. Where the fear of the reader is that her hair is cut very short, because she loves her long hair, but ends up being cut in the final fight with Pennywise? I would like to see a very angry and depressed reader at the same time, please? Bill told you to leave him, that he deserved to die.

losers club x reader

Richie got up and started to speak. You thought he was going to leave him at first, until he grabbed the bat. Richie was hitting the clown with a bat, everyone grabbed something, whacking and beating IT. You watched as the clown transformed into other things, other creatures. You picked up a rust pipe from the concrete floor, joining your friends as you hit Pennywise. You watched as the clown lunged at your friends, each time turning into something they were scared of.

Pennywise sprinted at you, his hands turning into sharp blades. You spun around quickly, feeling your hair being pulled from behind you. Your head hurt as you look back, your eyes seeing the blades cut your hair. Everyone went wild, continuing to bash It with random objects. You all had finally cornered It, watching as It mumbled to itself. You watched Pennywise disappear into the dark pit, the losers comforted Bill as he picked up Georgies rain coat. Leaving the sewers, you ran your fingers through your hair.

Tears filled your eyes as you noticed how your hair stopped just above your shoulders. Your hair had been long, serving as a safety blanket for you, the only thing you could keep constant in your life. The others all agreed, speaking in a jumbled mess how cute you looked with short hair or how it suited you. A smile made its way onto your face, thanking your friends for being so supportive. You could still feel your heart breaking as you look at your reflection on a broken bottle.

You bring your hand up to play with the uneven ends of your hair. A frown on your lips and your brows furrowed. Authors note: I hope you like this!! Feedback is appreciated!! You gasped, your friends eyes wide and their chests heaving. Forever Tags: evelxn-cruzwonkyneptoonsstanleyboiimike-trashmouth-wheelerfcnnwolfhardkpop-oppas-dreamsoftforfinn, multi-parkerthekidsofneiboltlucy-study-blrstanleyurisalivekaspbrat-tozierrichletozleryourfinnwolfhardtoziernwheeleroutsider-lola-winston, neuroticcmaggie-duvallrrrradolescencedashlilymarkdauntless-initiate-holadiddly-darn-it-richied0nt-g0-imaginesjustyouraveragedepressedfuckup Send me an ask if you would like to be added to the tag list!!!

Saturday notes.Originally posted by justpennywise. I need some good angst right now. And honestly your writing is amazing! Also a thank you to starrynightozier for helping me with the ending of this!! I hope you like this!!! Feedback is appreciated!!! You were floating. Your body levitating in the air, your friends gather around you, eyes full of confusion and worry. They rush over to try and get you down, pulling on your legs, making sure to be gentle.

In your mind, you could see all of your friends. The were adults now, old enough to have a family of their own. You could feel the fear in your body, coursing through your veins. You could tell they were scared too, their eyes wide and faces covered in a layer of sweat.

All the losers saw were your white eyes and your flaccid body. Your limbs were limp and lifeless, your expression was cold and spiritless. Ben raked his mind, searching for anything that he could do. Fairy taleshe thought. Without hesitating, he leaned in and kissed you. He pulls away, watching your face, looking for any sign of life. There was nothing. They stare at you, tears forming in their eyes. You had to wake you, you had to. You were their best friend. You were supposed to go to highschool together, go to prom together, graduate together.

The losers club, together and always. They were all crying now, they tears streaming down their cheeks. Sobs could be heard echoing throughout the sewers. Your body still limp, feeting floating slightly off the ground. Ben still held your shoulders, tears falling freely from his eyes. Eddie walked over to him, grabbing your hand. He watched as your head rolled back, Ben still shaking you.

They were so fucking sorry. The wanted to avenge you, make you proud. One by one you watched your friends die in front of you, you body was paralyzed. All you could do was watch. The pure look of terror in their eyes was enough to petrify you, your body going rigid and numb.Good boi. Too precious, too pure. Posts Following Ask me anything Submit a post Archive. You need to get up! How could you leave me? The sun that shined through the cracks in the boards highlighted your features as your light and breezy laugh filled his ears and the air around him.

The Losers walk out of the Neibolt house single file. That she died a hero because we were all too chicken shit to do anything! We tried to get there as fast as we could Mr. It was sad and beautiful. Everyone cried—even Ben who barely knew you.

losers club x reader

Bev sat on a bench in front of your grave, her stomach churning with grief. She reaches into her pocket and pulls out two cigarettes out of habit, fully expecting you to take one, but someone else does. She looks to her side and sees Richie staring solemnly at the freshly dug grave with the cigarette now hanging from his mouth. The whole school stared at the group of five because although the numbers added up something was missing. And replaced her with this pig?! Mike wakes up in a cold sweat every night for years to come to the sound of your neck snapping.

Sometimes he can hear your beautiful singing and smart mouthed comments as he works. Whenever Stan sees a pretty bird, a fun shaped cloud, a star consolation. He still turns to his side to point it out to you—the biggest grin on his face—until he remembers… Richie will say something stupid and wait for your retort.

The first time he went the house was a mess. Everyday after he does your chores your parents give him what would be your allowance, but every week Eddie mails the money to your parents anonymously. With his help your parents slowly start to adjust. Anonymous asked: Alright so! This show by Gerard way came out on Netflix recently and let me tell you! It is good!

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

If you havent seen it already you really should watch it there's this one character. I think you'll really like him! Anonymous asked: Its been awhile I hope youre doimg wrll!

918kiss versi lama

Eating and sleeping right. Anonymous asked: How many asks do you have? Anonymous asked: Do you qrite for Riverdale??I love badass readers honestly. Originally posted by nicholashamilton.

It was the last day of school.

Pardot snippets

Well, technically, summer had already started. You could be seen walking down the halls of the school, clutching the handle of your bookbag. You held your head high and stood up to anyone, but was still one of the nicest people anyone could ever meet. Maybe that is why you are so popular. Smiling, you waved as fellow students said goodbye to you.

Once you had exited the school doors, you spotted the two most infamous groups of the whole school. The Losers Club and the Bowers Gang. You furrowed your brows, before sighing.

Henry took notice of this, too. You stared Henry down as you continued to walk toward them. You only stayed quiet. You held your hand out as he fell backward, into you. You smiled at him, as kind as possible. You handed over your bookbag to one of the boys, not paying attention to which one. It seemed to almost be in slow motion, but once you finished your blow, you put your now bleeding fist into your other hand.

Henry, who had fallen on the ground, got up quickly with struggle. He held his hand to his bleeding nose and looked as if he was trying not to cry. You turned to the boys behind you, smiling that same smile you did to everyone else.

I will post a requested story tomorrow. It is kind of long and sadly, with a lot of the homework I have had to get done today, I did not get to finish it, but will tomorrow. I have been trying to cut down the time I spend on my phone and computer, and therefore have spent less time on here or writing digitally in general.

losers club x reader

I have devised a plan for this, and will hopefully be posting about every other day. I plan to write on Tuesdays so be on the lookout for a post today! Sorry for my absence, everyone.

Hopefully I can get back on task, and if anyone missed me, forgive me! Alright guys. But I want to celebrate this number! Hey guys! I hope you like it, and expect to see more masterposts like this in the future!While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled.

Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. Aka: The Losers are sick of Stan and Richie leaving them to fuck all the time so they go out of their way to cockblock them. Or a series of conversations and moments between two idiot asshole best friends.

Eddie loves his life in New York with Richie and Stan, but his past abuse and trauma have been creeping back into his life. He's in his last year of college and he's trying to stay afloat in classes, dealing with internalized shame, and facing his adulthood head-on, learning along the way that love might not be enough to get him through it.

It's been three years since the Losers Club put Pennywise to rest for another twenty seven years, but something had disturbed his slumber Meanwhile the losers have regular teenage problems, the main one being for Richie and Eddie is that they're in love with their best friend Also I'm gonna say that I did decide to name this after the 5 Seconds of Summer song Lover of mine cause I sort of think that it work so pretty well for Reddie. Might use it in this even though not time typical?

Then, creating paper mache lanterns- hands dipped in water and glue- with Ben the summer they were seventeen; talking about their fears of certain foods and wanting to be set free, living life without the restraints. And then Stanley and him, running away when they were fifteen for four days, living off the land and his survival skills; their hands cupping water from the stream, washing away the fears of growing up opposite of what their parents expected. Lastly, he happened upon him and Beverly.

Beverly kissed him and he thought for a moment that he was conquering his fear of intimacy and then he hurled in a wastebasket. Beverly held his hand as he washed his mouth out with mouthwash. Then it dawned on him that what he really wanted was to kiss Richie that fall, unafraid of the consequences.

Picking at his fingernails, he shrugs. He has all the words to say, but something inside of him is tugging those words down, weighing each one. But What happens when an old enemy seeks for revenge and won't stop until he gets it?

Richie had no idea what to expect when Stan and Patty asked him to be their daughter's godfather, but it definitely wasn't becoming the part-time dad to a newborn. When Eddie makes a vow, he means it. It's just a shame that the two most important vows he's ever made conflict with each other. Eddie Kaspbrak has spent the first half of his college years trying to run from his childhood.

Richie Tozier has spent the first half of his college years trying to cling onto his youth. But, when they crash into each other's lives, they find out that they might just be what they needed most.

Top of Work Index. Main Content While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Get an Invitation.You walked around school, blowing bubbles with the gum in your mouth.

The popping noises echoed through the empty halls and your eyes focused on the exit. The teacher looked at you sternly, arms corssed in front of her chest and her foot tapping impatiently on the floor. As you walked out of the doors, you heard the teacher yell at you to come back, but you could honestlty care less. Slinging your backpack over your shoulder, you pulled out a cigarette from the pocket of your jacket and lit it. You blew out the smoke as you walked around town, appreciating how quiet it was.

You payed no attention to how late it eventually got, only noticing when more and more kids seemed to walk by. Figuring that school was out already, you got up from the bench you had been sitting on and started the walk home.

Following the voices, you were eventually led to a small alley where you found your brother and his goons along with some kids. You recognized the kids almost immediately. It was Richie Tozier, a trashmouth you found quite amusing, Eddie Kaspbrak, a germaphobe, and Bill Denbrough, the kid you just so happened to think was cute.

All three of the kids even if they were the same age as you were backed up against the wall of the alley with Henry and his friends surrounding them. You watched unamused as Henry shoved Bill a little bit, imitating his stutter. His friends seemed slightly uncomfortable and the kids looked surprised to see you there.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

Henry stared at you for a second before stepping back and walking towards you. He stood in front of you and you stared up at him, not backing down.

Pcem ibm at

Because that would definitely save me some time. Can I get an Eddie, Richie, and reader poly relationship where the reader gets scared of pennywise and they comfort her? Thank youuuu. I actually wrote something very similar to this, you can read it here. Keep reading. You hummed lowly as you kept a careful eye on the rice, making sure to not let it burn.

Grabbing the spoon, you gently stirred the rice as the voice from the weatherman played in the background. Grabbing two plates from the cabinet, you placed some rice and chicken onto the dish before moving to pick them up. As you bent down to grab the container from the pantry, you heard the front door open and slam shut. Adding some parsley to the top of the rice, you placed the container back where it came from and picked up the plates.

Just as you turned, you watched in horror as Henry stood over his father and brought down a knife into his neck.

Vce biology unit 3 and 4 notes

The plates fell from your hands as you let out a blood-curling scream. Stumbling backwards, you watched as Henry turned and walked menacingly towards you with the bloody knife in his hand. You stared into his eyes, desperately searching for something that would let you know that your son was still there.


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